How to get to Mocha Island

Aircrafts to Mocha IslandTravelling by coach from Concepción city, it takes 4 hours to Tirúa by Ruta (route) 160. In Tirúa’s terminal you can find particular cars that can carry you to Lequechaue airfield. If you travel by your own means, there’s a parking very close to the airfield, the next step is boarding a light plane and fly to Mocha Island, “Hidden Paradise”.

Air Operators

To travel to the island there are various air operators, among them we can find Mr. Juan Carlos Paul (+56 9 94586960), Mr. Javier Espinoza (+56 9 84126620) and Mr. Luis Losano (+56 9 64711790), all of them with vast experience in this kind of flight.

These planes operate from Lequechaue airfield of Tirúa. The trip has a cost of CLP$ 40.000 (USD$ 62) per passenger, for the round trip. Flights are coordinated 48 hours before, between the tourist and the air operator.