Cabins Vista Hermosa

Accommodations in Mocha IslandWe wish you to enjoy being in close touch with nature, forgetting the boredom, stress, city noises, and lack of security, living in a pollution-free environment


Prices and services

Cabin fully equipped, up to 5 persons CLP $39.000 night-day USD $60 Book
Cabin fully equipped, 6 - 8 persons CLP $49.000 night-day USD $76 Book
Cabin fully equipped, 9 - 10 persons CLP $60.000 night-day USD $93 Book
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The following services are not included in the accomodation price and must be paid separately:

Air ticket, round trip by passenger (maximum capacity 3 passengers) CLP $40.000 USD $62
Transport from Mocha Island airfield to the cabins (maximum 4 people) CLP $6.000 USD $10
Tour: historical lighthouse and lighting of natural gas on the sea (four people) CLP 16.000 USD $25
Tour: National Reserve, seaside, port, sea Wolf sightings, Los Chinos hill (4 persons) CLP 10.000 USD $16
Tour: National Reserve CLP 8.000 USD $13
Internal horse riding on the place (1 hour) CLP 2.000 USD $3
Tour cabins zone, from sea to mountains (1,2 km) Free!


It is recommended that reserves must be made with no less tan a week in advance, paying 50% of the length of stay, the remaining is paid when in the cabin. Payments can be made via bank transfer in the name of:

Carlos Garrido Estrada
RUT 5.681.605-4
Banco BCI, Cta Cte 77007573
Banco Estado Cta Cte 52800015758


  • The only mobile phone company with coverage on the island is Movistar; other companies’ signals do not reach there.
  • You must bring your own personal care items and towel.
  • It is recommended to carry minimal equipment and readiness for the arrival date. Near the cabins there is a basic store, and farther, three more stores with more variety of products (fruits and scarce vegetables).
  • The average temperature ranges from 8°C and 18°C.
  • On the cabins site, is a place for barbecues and also a trip from the mountains to the sea free of charge.